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Space + Environment Project Brief

May 3, 2011


In a world dominated by digital media and the seamlessly unending realms of the world wide web, what inexplicably remains to be its main defining element, is ‘space’. A piece of animation or interactive media is far from completion without a space or environment to put its being and purpose into context. This is particularly eminent in the interactive spaces of 3D and 2D computer gaming environments where a player is required to travel through a specifically constructed space and interact within it and its occupants. A space is constructed to specifically engage with its occupants. Depending on the nature of the space and its environments, it can reveal or obscure information and location, set mood and time, elicit emotional responses, challenge its users as well as instigating user interaction. A well constructed space provides its occupants with subtle narratives and clues that its occupant is able to relate to. It engages its occupants with an emotional reaction or instigate an atmospheric mood that enhances the occupants experience within the space. In this sense, it is very much a form of narrative, used by the creators to inform its users to their purpose and effectively guide them through the space.


Create a narrative space that will engage and inform your user to their purpose within it. Consider the possibilities of what elements of space and environment could be used to elicit certain moods and emotions. Examine the subtext within your environment and how that guides or obscures information from the users. Set at least TWO different goals for your user to achieve within the space. Consider the application of lighting, colour, textures and how that affects mood and emotional content. The created space can be as wild or as realistic as you imagine it to be and holds no restrictions. Be sure to leave enough subtle indirect guides and aids for your user to utilise such as old, tattered newspaper clippings, family portraits, half of an old diary, etc. and strategically placed items of interest within the space.


You may use any media of your choosing.


– Instead of goals, set at least TWO different moods the user will experience within your space.

Quicktime movie at 25 fps, 1280×720, audio at 44.100 kHz.


Interactive submissions will have varying formats/technologies, but if possible use 1280×720.

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